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I'm a foodie, a blogger, and a New Jersey native. And I love supermarkets.

Hi everyone!

My name is Zachary and I'm the writer here at Market Report Media.


In 2015, I started getting restless after shopping at the same supermarket every week. So I began choosing a new store weekly for our shopping. Sometimes two. Sometimes three. And a year later, I started wanting to document what I was seeing, so I started taking pictures when I would visit a new store. At first, I submitted my pictures to other blogs and posted them on Flickr, but I wanted more. And in November 2016, my first blog was launched, called NJ Supermarkets.

Two years later, with a few hundred current and former food stores photographed, I wanted to change the focus of my blog, so I changed the blog to The Market Report. I had been photographing stores just to document them, but it soon became clear there was more to it than that. Through my travels, I was learning all about the area I'm from, seeing new places I'd never been before, meeting

Everything you need to know about a neighborhood,

you can learn from
its supermarket.

people I wouldn't have met otherwise, and becoming familiar with small businesses I wouldn't have supported otherwise. And what I learned from all this is that everything you need to know about a neighborhood, you can learn from its supermarket. I use the slogan "The world, through supermarkets" for The Market Report, but you'd be amazed how much you really can see the world through the supermarkets in it.

I see the world in narratives, and each store has its own story. Somehow, these grocery stores take on their own personalities and it's my job to tell those stories. Part of that is talking about the history of supermarkets that no longer exist, over on Grocery Archaeology. And part of that is spending time visiting independent and small-chain food stores on The Independent Edition.

Thanks for spending some time here with me and I hope that I've changed the way you see the world -- maybe just a little bit!

- Zachary

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