Hi everyone! My name's Zachary and I've had a passion for supermarkets for years. I began visiting different supermarkets every week in 2015, but it wasn't until the spring of 2016 that I began photographing stores myself. I'd been an avid reader of the Acme Style blog, and when the newly-opened ACME in Kenilworth, NJ (formerly my local supermarket) was renovated, I grabbed photos of the new decor to send in to Acme Style.

And from then on, I began photographing every different supermarket I visited. At first, I posted my pictures on Flickr. But by November of 2016, inspired by Acme StyleAlbertsons Florida Blog, and others, I began my own blog. The not-so-creatively-named Supermarket Fan had begun the not-so-creatively-named NJ Supermarkets blog!


By the spring of 2018, I thought the name NJ Supermarkets wasn't necessarily accurate for the blog, given that I'd covered lots more than just New Jersey stores. Plus, I could go for something a little more exciting. That's where The Market Report came in.


March 1, 2019 marked the launch of Grocery Archaeology, a blog focused on examining the history of supermarket buildings that are no longer in business. And on September 22, 2019, The Independent Edition was launched, profiling independent and small-chain stores.


Beginning January 1, 2020, the blogs doubled down on my interest in examining how supermarkets interact with their local communities by switching to entirely geographically-based coverage, focusing on one region, county, city, or even neighborhood at a time. Today, The Market Report is the leading grocery industry blog in the New York metro area.

In October of 2021, Market Report Media also took over The Stoplight, the (unofficial) blog of the history of Stop & Shop!

The world, through supermarkets.
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Supermarket history, one location at a time.
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Exploring the world of independent grocers.
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The (unofficial) blog of the history of Stop & Shop.